DISCLAIMER: This has not been updated since 2017.

This blog is intended to voice political ideas and suggestions and also to report on political events and developments.

I hope there has been, is or maybe sometime in the future even will be something on this blog which made you think and/or which you liked. In this case, or in any other, I would be delighted to hear from you!

Contact & Links:

Janijobe-30 - EditedMain Website

Mail: jakob@possert.at
Twitter: @JPossert

Education Blog:           eduphi.wordpress.com
Reading Log:                 leistungsleser.wordpress.com
Model Compilation:    libraryofconcepts.wordpress.com
Philosophy:                    yphilosophy.wordpress.com
Global Challenges:       globalwickedproblems.wordpress.com

Global Citizen:              notonlyvisiting.wordpress.com
School-Projects            kirchengasse.wordpress.com


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